Top 10 CHEAPEST First Cars With CHEAP INSURANCE For 17-Year-Olds & Students (UNDER $1,000)

Top 10 CHEAPEST First Cars With CHEAP INSURANCE For 17-Year-Olds & Students (UNDER $1,000)


How's? It going people won't bite Jenna. What were the top 10 cheapest first cars that you can buy for less than a thousand pounds? The same cars in this article are an absolute bargain when it comes to price, but on top of that, they're, actually really cheap to ensure at least relative to 17-year-olds.

I've done a bunch of quotes across loads of different first cars to basically find the 10 cheapest to buy and cheapest to insure don & # 39. T know that we knew with other ones that I've missed, but these are probably ten good ones.

To start with the sake of the quote, I'm, alike. I'm 17 years old and I live outside of London in an area that's. Kind of good kind of bad for insurance is not really perfect for it. It's kind of in the middle.

I'll put the details in the description down below Tommy Louie this week. In your opinion, is it better to have a brand new, fresh, beautiful, first car or an old banger? Is your first car? Let me know in the comments down below have a chat about it.

I personally think an old banger is as good as you really need as a first car lets. You learn if you crashed over the world, but let me hear your thoughts. Remember that made these articles a new UK market perspective, so prices and other countries may differ, and remember that whenever you're buying any second-hand car maintenance, repairs, insurance, and road tax or super important things to consider.

But I'll talk button. This article anyway, so don't mention that, as always, a like comment subscribe, follow me on Instagram. If you want and support me on Patreon, if you really want, but without further ado, let's, get into the article, but grudgingly taking the tenth missus is a call.

I'm, not really a fan of the first generation. Honda Jazz, not because I have a problem with the car specifically, but because one hit and run my wing mirror, has a 1.2 liter inline-4 passing out 75 brake horsepower, managing naught to 60 in 13.

3 seconds and 51 miles per gallon. It also has an annual road tax fee of 125 pounds, and I was able to get an insurance query of 1237 pounds, which is better than a few cars in this list, but I per intent that of protest.

My poor wing mirror Honda actually named the car. The fit in Japan and a few other countries, but gave it the Jazz nameplate in a mere Oceania and a few other areas in Asia. One thing that makes it a car great for young people in students is the fact that it's a five-door.

So plenty of space and easy take friends around in you can easily get a 2005 model around 70,000 miles on the clock for undergrads, but you'll get a working model for as little as three hundred pounds.

If budgets are tight, numerous long-term owners mentioned it is a very reliable car and there are plenty of them, with over 200,000 miles on the clock, still going strong points to look out for our window control units, CVT gearbox issues seizing locks, and exhaust blockages, but even Then other than the gearbox issue, pretty Childress used to deal with over was a very practical and dependable car for any young driver.

It's, probably the least most interesting car on this list aesthetically and it's. Never gonna set the road alight, but the sensible individual might choose it. In ninth, we had the first-generation w16 eight Mercedes-Benz a 140, maybe not a usual first car, but surprisingly cheap on insurance.

I found the car has a 1.4 liter inline-4, putting your 80 brake horsepower and managing note 60 and 12.5 seconds it's, quoted as doing 39 miles per gallon and has annual road tags of 235 pounds quite expensive.

I was able to get an insurance quote on one at 1250 pounds a day for a 17-year-old. This class was Mercedes's first venture into the compact car sector and is quite unusual in shape, as it is a tool, but short this led to the car.

Failing the Swedish elk test of turning sharply in 1997 as it actually tipped onto its side, Mercedes recalled all the models sold today added electronic stability control, and modify the suspension to fix the issue.

So you can rest assured your car isn't likely to tip over. You can pick up. One produces 500 pounds in working order, but 1000 pounds will get you a half-decent. For example, with around 85,000 miles on it, but I'd, be very wary of getting one of these as a first car just for the Benz logo.

It is riddled with potential problems that cost quite a bit to fix like the manual gearbox failing fractured fuel, filler pipes, faulty ignition block, poor clutch life. The list just goes on and on. On top of these reviews, often say the cars actually awful to drive and not very practical.

So if you're into your driving, maybe don't go for this one. It's. These issues that keep the car down at the depth of this article - I don't - think it's, my cup of tea as an overall package, but I know people had them as students, and given the low insurance, I felt it Was worth a mention in eighth, we had the first-generation r50 mini one with the 1.

6-liter inline-four petrol engine, putting out ninety brake horsepower and doing naught to 60 in a respectable 10.6 seconds. More importantly, it would do 41 miles per gallon as an annual road tax of 200 pounds here in the UK, and I was able to get a quote on one for 1,250 pounds per year, not bad at all.

For a 17 year old, the car built by BMW revived the mini name from the old British icon, taking inspiration from its looks, or they're scaling them up to a safer size. Having personal experience of my girlfriends one, it is a very nice car to be in when it comes to the interior and drives very smoothly so well worth considering 1000 pounds will get you a 2005 example around 80 to 100 thousand miles on the clock that you Can still get working is almost for as little as 400 pounds, of course, by your own risk.

Don't. Take my luck with 400-pound cars for granted, particularly as there are 50, which is not known for reliability. Some common problems include power, steering pump failure, seat mechanism, braking boot, locking issues, numerous gearbox failures, and very fragile electrics, all of which can cost a bit more to fix and other first cars as minis are considered slightly more premium.

It's. These numerous reliability issues that stop the mini from getting any higher on this list. If you'd, like a more thorough review, I've spoken in depth throughout the car. In a previous article taking the 7th spot, we have the Audi a2 with the 1.

4 liter inline 3 TDI engine, placing our 88 brake horsepower. 230 Newton meters of torque and doing naught of 16 around 10 point 6 seconds due to its lightweight aluminum construction. It was quoted as doing 64 miles per gallon, has an annual road tax of just 30 pounds.

I was able to get insurance coil in 1250. Pounds on this, which is pretty sick for an Audi at 17. The car was chosen by Top Gear as one of the best small cars available still to this day, and it has won design awards for its concept and execution according to Aldi.

The goal is to make a small LD, not the cheap Audi, and a car that would transport for people from she got to Milan on a single tank of fuel. It's generally. A very highly regarded car, which I find interesting as to me, looks a bit like a Mach 1 Audi.

Tt has been squashed for each their own 1,000 pounds ago, 2021 to around ninety-two hundred thousand miles in the clock, but they are available in running order for around about 700 pounds mark in terms of reliability.

Over half of the faults reported on the a2 are electrical so worth checking what lights are or aren't flashing when considering one of this outside of this, the turbo is known to fail, and isn't cheap to fix the gearbox.

Also has the potential to fail, so if you own, with even a slightly crunchy gearbox, walk away, I think this is a rogue little car to go for as your first, but it does seem to have some amazing reviews and a lot of character.

So I'd love to hear first-hand from anyone who's owned one as to what they're. Actually like day today. In six, we have the second-generation Suzuki Swift GL, with the 1.3-liter inline-four petrol engine.

Putting out ninety brake horsepower during naught 60 in ten-point six seconds and being quoted at doing 48 miles per gallon, while costing 160 pounds in road tax, I managed to get a quote on a 2007 model for 1,250 pounds which is really decent.

When I say second-generation, I actually mean the first car we in the UK would know as the Swift because outside of Japan, the first generations were to call it the Ignis it's, a stable for young drivers and if you're, A football fan, and what you may find particularly interesting, is the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo fronted the marketing campaign.

When the Swift was launched in 2005, 1,000 pounds will get you a 2007 model, with around 50 to 60 thousand miles on the clock, which is not bad at all for a first car, and you can get a questionably conditioned example for as little as four hundred Pounds in terms of reliability, I've seen a few reviews mention the build quality not being perfect with brakes, squealing issues due to brake pad and disc wearing early, as well as the paintwork having defected from the factory.

Looking at the engine, I haven't been able to find many common problems anywhere, except for the gearbox, with a few owners having a few gearbox inputs. Shafts go all in all a very nice little first car felt specifically for the European market.

I'd, be jealous of someone at school driving. One of these is their first cars on to the top five now and in fifth, we have the third generation, Renault Clio, specifically with the 1.2-liter inline-four engine putting out 73 brake horsepower during naught to 60 in 13 seconds 47 miles per gallon and annual road Tax of 145 pounds I was able to get a quote of 1177 pounds for box insurance, which is pretty sick.

The third-gen clear shares his platform with an SM Micra, another first car I could have included on this list, but my own bias adjuster clear was a better-looking car. Overall, it's, actually quite a big car to pushing the limits of a supermini class.

That said, it won European Car of the Year in 2006 and was described as the benchmark for its category, where many reviewers from personal experience, a good friend of mine, had one is his first car and it was a very decent first car in terms of amenities And comfort you'll, get a 2007 example with around seventy-five thousand miles in it for a thousand pounds but will get a high mileage on four six hundred pounds.

Electrical thoughts are common in this generation of Clio, so worth checking before you buy, in particular the brake lights. In terms of major issues. There are very few reported when it comes to petrol 1.

2 automatic gearboxes can be troublesome, and a few examples built towards the end of 2010 has some pretty bad valve issues. So maybe don't buy a 27 model just to be safe. I think this is a nice little first car and you can always aspire to have the Clio RS, which is one of my favorite hot hatches from the naughties in fourth, we have the first generation Kia Picanto, which always reminds me of the UK TV program.

Take me out, as I always remember, hearing Kia Picanto sponsors take me out on channel 4 - probably a niche one for those of you outside the UK, but either way this car comes with one liter, inline-four passing-out 61 brake horsepower doing not sixteen fifteen point nine Seconds and managing 57 miles per gallon annual road tax is super cheaper, just thirty pounds and the quote I got for it was one thousand 169 pounds with a black box or 1517 pounds without a black box, so just under four hundred pounds more for a little More speed freedom, the car comes well equipped for young drivers, would Tek ahead of its time like the mp3 and aircon a standard.

Comparatively, this fifth dimension didn't come with an mp3 slot, which kind of sucks. Another friend of mine has one of these, and I'm, always surprised by the fact it has five doors, given how small it is.

I've driven it and it's quite nippy as a city car. So maybe one to consider for those who don't plan on driving on motorways too often 1000 pounds get you a 2005 motor around 50 to 70,000 miles on the clock, depending on condition and 600 pounds is about the minimum.

You'd, want to spend on a working example. Reliability on the Picanto is pretty solid, with earnest praising the cause. Dependability the engines and gearboxes are relatively strong, as are the electrics and suspension components, making it a pretty good all-rounder.

One point is that these cars are mostly driven by older people and first-time drivers, so, if possible, I suggest going for an example owned by the former an ideal first car, even if it lacks a little bit of excitement.

I wouldn't, be able to get one knows I wouldn't, be able to get padding McGinnis his voice out of my head, but whatever third place in this article is the Peugeot 206, with the 1.4-liter inline-4 engine putting out 75 brake horsepower and doing not sixteen eleven points.

Eight seconds it's quoted it doing 44 miles per gallon. Has an annual road takes 160 pounds and gave me a quote of one thousand 158 pounds for insurance. You can get in three or five-door, and I'm personally.

A fan of the former as a 206 is one of my favorite rallies. Cars from the World Rally Championship so three-door makes it feel a little bit more sporty. There are plenty of them too, as the 206 is the best-selling Persian model of all time, with over eight and a half million of them being sold between 1998 and 2012.

There are numerous body styles for the car too, including a convertible estate and saloon. One thousand pounds of a 2007 model around 40,000 miles on the clock and can get a ropey old, but a running model for as little as three hundred pounds.

Reliability in tier six is not ideal, though very much reinforcing the stereotype with French cars. Mechanical reliability is rated as below average, as is the interior quality. Central locking is known to fail.

Engine mounts are known to break. Gearboxes are known to rust and front lower ball. Joints are known to cause severe shuttering, so maybe not ideal from the reliability aspect, but a cheap, cheerful, and popular first car choice just may be ready to sit on the side of the motorway waiting for a tow truck just missing on the top spot.

We have another French car, the Citroen c2, with the 1.1-liter inline-four engine, putting out 61 brake horsepower and doing naught CC in thirteen point nine seconds consuming 48 miles per gallon and costing you 145 pounds annually in road tax.

The quote I got on this was 1146 pounds with a black box, all 1597 pounds without it replaced the popular Sachs serum was directly aimed at the younger market by Citroen. It won the best European hatchback award in 2003.

Despite many mentioning the colors under-promoted by Citroen, which is pretty good if that's the case, there are numerous different trim levels of the car with multiple spec options. The LX is the simplest and the SX is the most luxurious.

Okay, a 2006 SX model with 75,000 miles on the clock for around 1,000 pounds, but you can find working CDs for as little as four hundred pounds be careful if you get you also see too, as there are problems with hesitation between gears.

Rear brakes are another source of locking issues which isn't ideal from what I can see online. The 1.1 engine seems to be the least problematic, but one point for the 1.6 s has been known to have issues so worth being aware, either way again, not super exciting, but it's the first car.

So what can you expect nice, easy car for young drivers to get a hold of with cheap insurance only beaten by the next car on this list? It's. Gon na seem like I planned this, but I can promise you I didn't despite being an owner.

The VW Polo 9 n3 takes a top spot on this list due to an insurance quote of just 1091 pounds as a 1.2 liter inline 3 engine putting out 64 brake horsepower, taking you from not sixteen fourteen point four seconds with the quoted 47 miles per gallon Fuel economy figure and 160 pounds annual road tags anyway, I own a 9 n, 9 n3, so only partially biased.

This is a major facelift. The fourth-generation polo, with the obvious difference being a shift from the little circular, nine end lights, and the more modern, nine, and three lights. If you want a super in-depth understanding of this generation of Poteau, I & # 39.

Ve got loads of articles on it. So feel free to have a look at them, but basically, it's, a strong car generally exceptionally built for a cheap VW, with quite a good handling as a suspension for the money as an owner.

I would recommend one I used it in my final year at Union. It worked perfectly. My best mate has one as his first car and it was perfect. You can pick up a 2006 model around 70 to 80 thousand miles in it for a thousand pounds, or you can get a nine and three for his cheapest seven hundred pounds.

If you want it in running order in terms of reliability, I found the 64 brake horsepower. Engine constantly spat out coil packs at least one to two a year, so that's worth checking. Also, it has got issues with the oil leaks over time to be wary of that.

Overall, though, the engine is strong and took me on a 2,500 36 mile road trip around Europe with ease feel free to watch. The article I made on a trip to learn more, I would say this is a worthy winner of the top spot, but of course, I am biased.

So what's? Important is the fact that I imagine secured such a low quote with it, meaning, hopefully, you guys can get something at least slightly similar, depending on where you live. So in this article or an easy, ten first car that I think you can buy for less than a thousand pounds insure quite cheaply.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below and don't forget to pay the week as well. As always, remember to Like comment subscribe, Instagram Patreon, all the good things, but as always, thank you very much for watching.

I'll, see you in the next one 

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