Credit Card Travel Insurance: How to Claim, My Experience

Credit Card Travel Insurance: How to Claim, My Experience


They awarded me eight hundred and seventy-two dollars. Ninety-three four, you know those expenses, hey credit Warriors credit ripple here and today we are going to be talking about claiming on credit card travel insurances.

Now many credit cards come with some form of travel insurance, whether that's, travel accident insurance or trip delay insurance. Whatever the card we're going to be looking at today is the chase Inc preferred, and there are two insurances that you could claim on for travel, related delays, and interruptions.

I'm gonna read those out for you. They are trip cancellation, interruption, insurance, and also trip delay reimbursement. So, first of all, let me tell you the story of what happened to me on my recent trip.

I was in France for a ski trip. It was awesome. If you're interested. You can check out our ski channel Generations snow. I'll, put the link at the end of this video and in the description, but anyway yeah.

We were coming back from this trip, so we had a flight booked from France to the UK and then myself and my business partner and a contractor of ours, and then I also had my daughter on the trip we all had flights the next day out of London back to New York: okay, now our plane from France to the UK.

Originally, you know first, it was delayed and then it actually well me and my daughter had gone on the plane and we flew all the way to London, alright and the plane aborted the landing it was super windy.

It was actually really scary, probably the scariest plane. I've, been on a lot of people, threw up. You know not to close too close to me, but a lot of people in the other rows threw up because it was so bumpy and stuff and the plane aborted the landing and flew all the way back to the south of France to an airport.

You know. 20 miles from where we started, so it was crazy. Now my two business partners at this point: they didn't even get on the plane. They decided to rent a car and then get the train from Paris to London, so they actually made it quite a wise decision.

I didn't. Do that, unfortunately, so what I did when my plane landed back in Lyon, this south of France, I got a TGV high-speed train, took me two hours to get to Paris and then in Paris. You know I couldn't get tickets for the train from Paris to London, so we just stayed in a hotel for a night and we booked actually new one-way tickets on a cheap, low-cost airline from Paris to New York.

Okay, it was the teller. Okay in the end, but obviously we were down - I think you know about probably $ 1,500 in total at the end of it. So we know when we got back to the US, we were looking for ways to recoup below that cost.

So the first thing I looked at was trip delay reimbursement. Now everything was booked on the chasing preferred, so I could use that. I'm. Just gonna read you out what trip delay reimbursement covers if your common carrier travel is delayed.

So it's up to $ 500 per person. So obviously that doesn't mean you can go and stay at the ritz-Carlton or something and have that reimbursed. No, but if your plane is delayed 12 hours, you're gonna be covered.

You know for certain things. Of course, your carrier may cover certain things as well. Often they will put you up in a hotel, but we actually couldn't go and take that option because we were rushing to make transfers in London, so there was no way we could.

You know we had to make other plans all right so anyway, that's. What happened, who is covered by this - and this is quite interesting, so the cardholder is covered. Obviously, the cardholder's spouse or domestic partner dependent children under age, 22, and persons employed by the company for which the chase business credit card account, is issued.

Now it's kind of interesting that family members and children are covered all right because you know this is a business card. So in theory you don't want to mix business and personal expenses. Other things on this card.

If you use it for personal stuff, it kind of invalidates certain things, but in this case, your family is covered, and I guess that means. You know that's because they know that a lot of small businesses, kind of mix, vacation and business trip to cut down on costs that kind of thing you know you take a business trip and you extend it a few days and take your family along as well I don't know.

Maybe it's because of that and then also employees of the business. Now my business partner was on the trip he's, an owner of the business, and originally they were like. No, he's not covered, but then I said well, actually you know he has a salary too right.

We are an escort when you're, an escort. You have to pay yourself a salary. So even though he's an owner, he gets a w-2 salary. So after they heard that they were like oh yeah, okay, he is covered alright, and then the third you know the third adult on the trip was a contractor of ours.

In theory, he shouldn't be covered. I told them this. I told him. He's, a 1099 contractor, but actually in the end they covered some of his expenses, which was I don't, know that's, just a mistake on their part or whether they were just like.

Oh, let him have it whatever I don't know, but you know I don & # 39. T know how I'm, not gonna dispute it and be like hey. No, he's. Not you know. Whatever there's - probably not even a mechanism, suppose you can do that, but anyway, now let's move on so I made my claim online.

It's, pretty easy! You just click on this website on the left here and you can go into there. You know their system and you can choose which insurance you want to claim on and you go ahead and claim now you do have to provide certain documents to prove it all, and I'm going to tell you now the documents I provided.

So I provided an email from the airline explaining a longer than 12-hour delay. This could be, you know, a letter or an email, whatever kind of communication, they gave you the original ticket, the hotel booking the rental car booking the train booking and then also I had to provide credit card statements for all of the bookings we made so that They could get the accurate conversion from foreign currencies into US dollars and so, in the end, they covered me for the hotel I booked in Paris, the rental car and two Eurostar train tickets from London to Paris.

They awarded me eight hundred and seventy-two dollars. Ninety-three four, you know those expenses, but what they didn't cover were the flights that I and my daughter booked from Paris to London because they said this is a trip.

Delay insurance, it doesn't cover new bookings. It covers your expenses, while you're, delayed or because of a delay, but not new flight bookings. Alright, so that's a little bit of a shame, and then I started looking at ways.

How can I get reimbursed for this? Is there anything else and that's, when my attention was drawn to trip cancellation and interruption insurance? So I'm. Just gonna read you out the description. If your trip is canceled or cut short by sickness, severe weather, and other covered situations, you can be reimbursed up to five thousand dollars per person and ten thousand dollars per trip for prepaid.

It will not reimburse the extra flight you booked, but what it will reimburse is the cost of the flight that you missed all right now. Obviously, the flight I missed was part of a roundtrip ticket, so they said that they will work out.

You know they will ask the airline, or you will have to ask the airline Ashley to provide a statement of what that segment cost all right. So they can, you know, have the accurate fair that they're gonna reimburse there are, you know, other terms and conditions like the overall trip can't be longer than 60 days.

Otherwise, that's, not covered. You need to claim within 20 days, although I'm slightly out of that period, there is sort of a clause saying or within a reasonable time so hopefully, and it should be okay, obviously because I was claiming on the other one first, so I Can use that as an excuse, while I'm cleaning slightly late, so you know, hopefully, they don't decide just to be like you know, and you know you know not to honor it, but you should be able to so basically yeah.

Yeah, you're right. You're on me, I'm, just recording a show so, and you called me, while I was recording so you know, say hi to the audience: hey hi, hey it's, the credit card. What are these card services right, yeah yeah? Well, congratulations are the first time I've.

Had you guys on the show, but you know I'm recording now, so I have to hang up, but you know thanks for calling - and you know you're famous now, alright say bye to the audience. Bye have a nice day anyway, guys super an and I can't believe you went along with that, but I hope that's been a little bit of help for you.

No card claims with the travel insurance on credit cards. This time we were looking at the chase Inc preferred it is a very good card for small businesses. I will put the link below county. Has an eighty thousand point, welcome bonus, which is awesome.

It's worth a thousand around $ 1,000 or so in travel through the portal of a sea. If you transfer to Airlines even more so if you want to learn more about that card - and you know, obviously it has the two insurances we mentioned in this video.

So if you want to learn more about it, do click the link below in the description to find out more. It is, of course, an affiliate link. It helps out our show. So if you want to see the advertiser disclosure that's right at the bottom of the description section as well thanks so much for watching guys also, I just have one favor to ask: if you like this video, please give it a like our Views have dropped a little bit, we've been doing some things like posting articles and I think it & # 39.

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