Insurance Objection Handling: "Where's My FREE Life Insurance!"

Insurance Objection Handling: "Where's My FREE Life Insurance!"


Howdy, out there Dave does for de David do for comm hope you're doing well. Today, I & # 39. Ve got a question from an agent regarding how do you address when a client or a prospect is wanting free insurance? So let me go ahead and get right to the question here and to set it up and then I'll address.

Really there's a couple of different circumstances about where and how you would address certain things and what I'll. Try to do this in this video is to explain each of those circumstances. What type of strategy and tactic you should employ.

So the agency email is as follows: what is the best rebuttal for? In this case, Facebook leads when the lead calls me up and tells me they want to see if they can get qualified for the free final expense program.

So anytime. Whether the lead is calling you. If there's like an inbound function there or its outbound, where you're setting the appointment, what you've got to work on when you're. Dealing with rebuttals is to make sure that you don & # 39, t necessarily hear or respond exactly to what they're, saying because a lot of the times people yeah some people - want the free insurance.

Okay, some people are okay. If it isn't, you know they know there's, probably some kind of catch. Maybe they think it's subsidized. They still have to pay something, but they get a good deal on it. So what you want to do is try to sidestep around that when you're, placing a prospecting call or you're at the door with somebody.

So how do you do that? I'll, say hey a lot of people. Ask me about that. All I need is to take five minutes to show you how this works. This is totally different than anything else. You've seen and wondered.

If I could come over tomorrow, at 10:00 or two would be better, so you notice with that rebuttal. I say: hey that's, a hundred percent fine, a lot of people ask me about this. It just and I don't even really give them any kind of specific explanation.

I just say: let me just show you how it works and then you can decide if it's for you, you know, and then I close for the appointment right is two o'clock or 10 better. I believe on the phone. The best way to rebuttal that is basically a non-answer.

Okay, because again a lot of the times. What people are saying not all the time, because they'll, ultimately not allow you. If there's, a condition and you're, not satisfying it, but a lot of the times, people say things that they don & # 39.

T mean okay, deep down they don't want to meet with somebody who is a salesperson that's. Gon na sell them something you have resistance to buying okay, a resistance to sales pressure. Okay, I believe that's.

The undercurrent of a lot of what goes out there when you're, calling and setting appointments or door knocking. So you have to use a language that makes it easy to do the appointments that it makes it not a big deal that there's, no sweat that there's, no obligation and a lot of that's, dependent On the words that you use and then also how you sound to make it like it's, not a big deal to be really relaxed casual about it.

I think that goes a long way and when you're making the prospecting call try not to get into an argument or get defensive, that's. The key thing is just to hear it as if I thought this is this as an opportunity to explain it.

You're, obviously not saying that it's free you're, just saying hey, it just takes me five minutes to explain what this is and again. Why do we want to set an appointment with somebody who thinks they're, possibly sounds like it's free well.

First of all, they may still want it. Second of all, they may have a policy that you could possibly improve employment by replacing and they otherwise wouldn't know about these opportunities. If you had gotten defensive and explained it, wasn't free and it's paid and people start to get turned off immediately.

Continuing on with this question. For some reason, every person who calls me that I call and meet face to face always mentioned that they want free, final expense insurance. So the other aspect to this is that when you're in the circumstance where a client in the home at a presentation, so something along the lines of hey, I thought this was free.

Can you tell me more about how this free insurance works? What I personally believe you should do is not acknowledge and continue with your presentation, so you don't want to again get sidetracked from your presentation in explaining that this thing is: look, you got to pay money for it.

It's. Just like every other insurance program, because you're already setting yourself up in a different manner and I think putting yourself on the defense, making you weak, giving control to the prospect razzled.

I think the better managed this happens to me a lot. In my sales presentations, I had a guy closed on $ 60 a month. Aig guaranteed issue deal a couple of months ago. He's like yeah. I was wondering how this free insurance deal works and I said yeah that's cool.

So what I'll do, is I'll, explain how it works, and so you & # 39. Ll, know everything about it. So what were your thoughts and concerns when you sent the information in the notice? I didn't, do anything to you, no detailed or specific about you know what the whole things about, how the details work because it's.

It's pointless to do it at this point, because I mean you don't know if they really are interested in you or not, they might be interested. But if you say the wrong things like this, you may shut down a lot of the opportunity, so I just say: hey cool.

We'll cover that and then I go back onto my script wherever it was that I was talking. What were your thoughts concerns when you said back the card, and I ended up closing the guy? He was totally happy and in his case of what it turned out to be as he wanted to deal with it on his insurance? He had gotten an offer for it that was just way out of his price range.

So, but if I had said this, isn't free on the phone. What's? The likelihood I would have gotten in because he would have been like I, you're full of crap. So again, a lot of this comes down to getting end at the door and getting past those initial knee-jerk objections, so that you can continue the process and see if there's an opportunity for it.

I even had a lead committing along with this email call me and asked when I should be at his house to give him this free final expense insurance. So again, what would you do is say hey when are you gonna show up? So I can get this free insurance, I would say: hey look.

Let me explain to you how it works. Just takes five minutes face-to-face how about two o'clock or a 10:00 work better set. The appointment. I'm telling you set the appointment. Why? Not? Because you know they're gonna come up with money that they didn't have when they talked to you on the phone.

If you get in they might you know, maybe they see that it's a legit deal and you explain how free insurance with the government works at 2:55 benefit is when I'm mentioning, but a lot of the times you may See sales opportunities, they have a colonial, they thought that was perfect.

So again, there's, a reason why people are interested in getting insurance there's a there's, a need or want of some various levels underlying that that's, why they would fill these cards out Or Facebook leaves, or whatever continuing on, I tried to explain that the only thing free is social.

So you so when you're explaining on the phone you're, putting yourself on the defensive, you're answering his question. Remember when we're on the phone, we control the questioning process as soon as we give up control the prospect takes over right and they start to tell you what they're going to do, which is eventually hang the phone up And not agree to an appointment, so you can't.

You can't answer it. You can't answer it. The question is what it comes down to until you're in the sales presentation. I tried to explain to them that the only thing free is the social security benefit and he started to call me fraud over the phone and said that this ad was about free, Final expense, insurance, so yeah that I mean that again exactly you know he was.

He read the ad wrong and if you & # 39, ve been in Final expense long enough, you know all these ads kind of sort of sound like they might be some free program. They don't outright, say it's free. If it was then eventually the DOI would catch up and suit your pants off, and but they all kind of sound like they're, some supplemental program and they use language like benefits.

Residents of Tennessee bla, bla, bla, bla bla state-regulated program, which do sound like their official and I don't like the language, but we have to include that stuff. Otherwise, response rates would average out a lead price of sixty to eighty dollars.

Lead. I mean it's that it's, that extreme sometimes so so we covered that. Let's, see what else we're gonna cover so yeah. I think that's, pretty much. It is again to summarize here, when you're, calling on the phone answer.

The objection with the rebuttal of it just takes a few minutes to go over what you do with this information to you and close for the appointment again. What we're trying to hear in that question, we want to hear something else which is hey.

This isn't a big deal. Let me show you how it works. It's, easy it's, not big stress or a big issue. That kind of thing. And then, if we're in the home, then we need to sit down and just acknowledge it and continue with our presentation and address it at the appropriate time which usually is later on on the sales column.

So if this guy & # 39, s gives you some advice on how to handle. Is this free insurance objection? It does come up from time to time and we do need to know how's. It is prepared to answer it. If you have any questions about this object or if you have an objection that you want to hear a rebuttal for that, maybe you haven't.

Seen on any of my videos just leave a comment below I: don't mind, making these videos to train on how to deal with them. These are all basic training that we need to get proficient at because just because they think it's.

Free doesn't mean that they're, not buyers. You just have to keep with them long enough to discover that David does for David. Do join my agency? Go to David, do click Joe! When Dave's agency, it's time to learn more alright, guys, bye,

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