Why we got Pet Health Insurance!

Why we got Pet Health Insurance!

So this is the start of the cotop10 crew website and the first episode I wanted to talk about is why I bought health insurance for tt and Libby. If you don & # 39, t know the story, and some of you might already, but baby girl passed away.

A year ago today and I've been working on a couple of things in memory to honor her and this website, and the things that we talk about and do will be part of that. So that's. Why did this start? She was diagnosed with um heart failure in November of 2018 um right before thanksgiving.

She went into active heart failure. Luckily we pulled her out of it. We, then, you know, went through the steps to correct her heart, her mitral valve, with mitral valve surgery at the royal veterinary college in the united kingdom, one of the only two places in the world doing the surgery at that time it's.

Still not performed here in the united states, hopefully in the future that will change. The procedure was very expensive. I was lucky enough to have people help me get to the down payment, but I also had to take it alone to cover the surgery, and it'll, be paying that for the next four years and it's.

Really sad because the baby did not make it 24 hours after a successful heart repair. She had a blood clot that went to her brain. She tried to fight it and she tried to stick around but um it wasn't meant to be, and she passed away from a stroke.

Basically, if the blood cot would have gone somewhere else and stayed there, she probably would be here today um, but she had a different path to take. So that's. Why we're here now so anyway, back to insurance for these poofy.

Ladies, this is tt and just doing a savings account where I put money for my check every month into the savings account just for net bills, which was great until the baby got catastrophically sick, and then that account was wiped out literally within the first two met visits That didn't help, so she wasn't eligible for insurance after she was diagnosed with heart failure, because now it's, a pre-existing condition and all pet insurances.

As of right now, don't cover major surgeries like this overseas, so they would & # 39. T has helped me get to the baby there at the time, but they would have helped with cardiology visits, pre, and post-op.

They would have helped with any other visit in between. I decided when I came home from baby surgery - and I knew t was coming to me at that time and I had Libby and Libby is a pomeranian and unfortunately, Pomeranians do have a tendency to get heart failure.

Heart failure, doesn't run in either of my girl's lines, but that doesn't mean that it couldn't happen, so I knew of two pet insurances that would cover the surgery here in America when it does come here and they're actively trying to get this surgery here, hopefully, by the time you know, either of these girls would ever need it.

Hopefully, they wouldn't knock on wood. You know I would have an option. You know I wouldn't have to put myself in financial hardship if I decided that I wanted to try the surgery if something was catastrophically wrong with one of them.

I checked out Trupanion and I also checked out embrace pet insurance. I've heard great things about both of them and I chose to embrace pet insurance for both of the girls. They're covered up to thirty thousand dollars a year, so anything that happens from this point on they have covered forum.

If there was like a major surgery that one of them needed, I wouldn't have to think about it. I wouldn't have to take it alone. I wouldn't have to put on a credit card. I could just say: okay, I need to cover this portion of the surgery or the procedure and then the rest of it's covered by the insurance.

When you put yourself in this position - and you think about like, if you even can do surgery because of costs like I don't, I don & # 39. T want to think about that again because I had to with baby because there were times when I didn't know.

If you know I could actually get her to surgery, because I couldn't afford it um you know. Luckily, I had the option to take it alone, but the sucky part is like she's, not even here, and I have to pay the loan back still.

I just wanted to be able to say yes or no to signing them up for whatever they needed. Whatever help, I could give them so that's. Why I did it and I still have the savings account because there are still deductibles and you know I have an older man.

Chi bean who you know is in the pre-stages of heart disease and he's not covered. And if I got him insurance now as he would already have a pre-existing condition. So there are still things that we're, going to need that savings account for so I think it's good to have both.

I think it's really great to have pet insurance, and I think it's really great. To also have that account, so you, don't have to think about where the money's coming from. For this unexpected vet visit, because if you have small animals, if you have animals in general like some something comes up, especially if you have multiples of them like something happens, you can't control life as you know, kids are gonna get Sick fur babies are gonna get sick and you need a way to take care of them.

We've gone through other things before like torn ACLs and really expensive dental, but you know I thought sixteen hundred dollars was a huge bill and I never imagined that someone would say well in order for your little girl to live.

You know you're gonna have to pay twenty thousand dollars, and you're gonna have to go to another country like I never imagined that and so I just never thought that you know I would ever have to deal With something like that, and now that I have, I want to make sure that I'm, always prepared for the future.

It's just I think it's just hard for people to think about a dog being worth enough to be put on a bypass machine and have open-heart surgery. But if you're, a pet parent, you know you would do anything for your kids just to make them feel better and live longer and thrive.

You know if I hadn't tried to get baby the heart surgery. She probably wouldn't have lived beyond a year and a half. You know looking back on posts that were on Instagram from like when I was trying to raise money for her.

She looked so tired and I can tell like you know she felt strange like she, didn't hurt, but, like you could tell she was she had a weird time, breathing and her heart. You could see like literally pumping in her chest because it was so big and you know, with heart failure, 11 months to a year and a half, if you're really lucky is all you get once they're inactive heart Failure so that's, why I went with insurance and I feel really good about that decision.

I don't know if I would do the heart surgery again, just because it was so hard not having a successful outcome. You know when most people do, the success rates were 92 at the time. Unfortunately, we were in that fun, eight percent, it saved many dogs lives the surgery and they & # 39.

We did thousands of them. If I would & # 39, t have tried to get her. The surgery um I don't think it would have ended well for her. You know I think I would have had to make a decision to let her go.

out of everything I could say you know she took that decision out of my hands. You know she left when she needed to, and I didn't have to make that decision and I like to say the baby was my heart dog um and she was very special to me and I just don't know how I could have made that decision and I couldn't have seen her suffer like that.

So let's end. It a hyper now check out pet insurance for your pets for a small fee every month. If you can afford it like it's worth the peace of mind, check it out start your savings account if you haven't started it already like mine.

Just takes. You know a little bit off the top of my paycheck and puts it in a completely separate account that it's, just a dog account for vet visits, so I would recommend both just because you're going to have a deductible.

You're, going to have to pay for a portion of it. It's best just to be prepared, and you know your pet is going to get sick. What is it going to be? Is it going to be something easy or something hard you know so check it out, make the best decision for you and your family?

You know I know when I get my next um little girl in the future. You know I'm, going to put her on the embrace pet plan too, and I'm gonna ensure up to thirty thousand. I just wanna make sure that I don't ever have to be put in that position again, and I think that is some good advice that I can share with you from my past experiences.

We're gonna be doing different updates. You know about the health and life of pets

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