Travel Insurance : Top Tips & Tricks About Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance : Top Tips & Tricks About Travel Insurance


  I want to share something with you now. My Site is all about educating you inspiring you and motivating you to make better decisions in the way that you use money in your life and build money in your life and help create more financial freedom and harmony in your life.

And I'm, a big believer in leading by example, and whilst I am, I think, very responsible with money, I'm very good at managing my money and looking after it and investing it and building it and protecting it.

I'm human and I sometimes make mistakes, but because I always want to be as open and authentic, and honest with you as possible. I want to share something with you and I actually made a mistake and by sharing this mistake with you, I am hoping that you won & # 39.

If you can't afford travel insurance, you definitely should not be going on holiday and whenever I go on holiday I always take travel insurance out um it's really important. I've. Had I had? Actually had numerous claims I've had with a sort of weird things happen on holidays, and I know a lot of people have had really serious medical dramas happen on holiday and they've fortunately been insured.

I remember one time I came back from it was Mexico and a huge container of bright purple, conditioner exploded in my suitcase and it destroyed and stained so many of my clothes, and it was so bad that it even seeped through my makeup and you know, destroyed All my eyeshadow palettes and blushes and stuff like that and the insurance company was amazing when I called them and explained to them what happened? I took photographs of everything and, and they met my claim really quickly and it was a pretty smooth process.

So it is so important to take travel insurance out when you travel because life happens, we miss planes, we get sick things, get stolen, things go missing, you have a decision to protect yourself. These are the things you need to know when taking out travel insurance.

The first thing is to make sure that your travel insurance policy covers you for the whole time that you're traveling. Some travel insurance policies only cover you for a certain amount of days or a certain amount of months.

If you're traveling beyond that, you need to check the fine print. You also need to check exactly where you're covered. Some insurance companies will not cover certain countries that are deemed dangerous or unsafe or having certain political issues.

So definitely again check the fine print. The next thing is if you have any pre-existing conditions, particularly medical conditions, you need to make sure you're covered. For example, I remember once we were on a family holiday and my father had a serious problem with his eyes and we had to all basically pack up and come home and because my father had a pre-existing eye problem.

His insurance claim could not be met so, but we knew that at the time and we took that risk um that we took that as an I guess - an informed risk. But it is so important if you have pre-existing medical insurance, pre-existing medical problems not only check the policy but also give the insurance company a call before leaving the country.

The next thing is to make sure your insurance company is covering you for all the activities you're doing. If you're, going on a very um, ambitious holiday, with lots of you know dangerous activities, um like skydiving or bungee jumping and things like that again check the fine print that you're covered.

The other thing is, is when you're, taking out insurance policies before you actually buy it check how much you're actually covered for, especially when it comes to personal belongings. You know they might have a very low cap as to how much you can claim and when things do go missing and you add up and see how expensive these things are to you.

You want to make sure it's, got a fairly high like a ceiling as to what you can claim. The next thing is about negligence and responsibility. If you submit a claim - and it's because you are either being negligent or potentially under the influence of alcohol and the insurance company knows that they have the right to decline, your claim, which can be really serious and particularly if it's a medical claim, those medical claims can be incredibly expensive, especially if you need to have a plan that flies you home so again, not only should be responsible whilst traveling, but also be aware of the limitations of what your insurance company is fairly covering.

You for the next thing is, if anything happens, make sure you report it immediately. So, for example, if you have an accident make sure you obviously go to a hospital, get all the reports, and call your insurance company immediately.

If something is stolen, make sure you lodge a police report within 24 hours of it happening so that it's, all very um there's, no sort of question of fraud for the insurance company. Second last thing is: try and take your insurance policy out when you book your holiday now by doing that, if something happens, for example, like you lose your job or you get sick and can't go on the holiday, you can at least be Insured under the cancellation, whereas, if you took your insurance policy out just before leaving, you may not necessarily be covered or even most take the insurance policy out whilst traveling.

My final bit of information that I want to share with you that you should know about travel insurance is activation, and I will share with you my story, so I have had the same credit card for probably about, I think, six or seven years, and it includes Complimentary travel insurance and over the last six years, I think it is.

It is um activated upon me paying for my airfare and accommodation on my credit card. I assumed it was active and recently they changed the policies and procedures and you actually have to go and manually activate your insurance by entering through your internet banking.

The dates you're traveling. All the countries that you're going to and the people that you're traveling with now me being busy and not reading the fine print and just making a very silly mistake. Didn't actually activate that cover.

Now I had a base level of cover from booking that holiday and paying for it. On my credit card, which I paid for in full with cash um, I didn't, actually activate the comprehensive level of cover, and unfortunately, my suitcase got stolen, and whilst it was it's, just materialistic stuff that really doesn't matter my health and my happiness and Rocco's.

Health and happiness are far more important sitting there in the police station having to explain what happened and listing all the things and realizing how much they add up to, and also the inconvenience of having to go and replace those things.

Um was quite a, I guess, a confronting and awakening experience, and I discovered that I was not insured and but fortunately the Sardinian police were incredible and so caring and so attentive and amazingly within the next couple of hours.

They managed to find my suitcase and unfortunately, I got all most of my clothes back, but all my valuables and designer products and accessories pretty much most of them were gone um, including my camera, so um.

Obviously, you know a disappointing thing to learn and a very expensive lesson to make, but I cannot stress enough how you must take travel insurance when traveling, both domestically and internationally.

Now I hope, as always, this article is informative and if you have any other additional things that you think other people need to know about when it comes to taking out travel insurance, please feel free to put in the information box or comment box below.

I will see you next week. I will promise money. Monday is back and I will be filming in my next location, which will either be in Sardinia, London, or potentially Greece. I'll, see you next, I'll, see you soon.

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